Become an approved Burro Trainer

It’s with great sadness that we report the Burro Incentive Program has not been renewed for 2017. BUT, you still have an opportunity to train burros for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in 2017. Although, we have had a wonderful year working with the BLM on this program and are on target to hit 290 burros placed into long term homes since the program started, their 2017 budget could not continue to support multiple Trainer Incentive Programs for burros.

Although we can no longer accept new trainers for burro training, you can apply to train under the existing burro program managed by the Mustang Heritage Foundation. We will also continue to work and pay reimbursement fees to the current trainers that have burros in training, but have not placed them into private care. Once the current burros are placed, or returned to BLM, and all reimbursement fees are paid, the Burro Incentive Program will close for business. (See specifics below.)

Trainers w/BIP Burros
Trainers that still have BIP program burros in training should continue training their burros and looking for placement as normal. Invoices and training forms for these burros should still come to If you need any help or assistance placing your burros we are still here to help in any way that we can.

Trainers wanting to Pick Up
No new burros will be accepted into the BIP program. Trainers wanting to pick up new burros for training should apply to the Mustang Heritage Foundation as a TIP trainer (if they haven’t done so already). MHF and Family Horses will work together to help ensure that you can pick up burros even if your MHF paperwork is still in process. For the MHF TIP program application and more information about their TIP program visit this link:

We thoroughly appreciate all of the hard work our trainers have put into finding BLM burros a long-term home. Your hard work does make a difference for the burros you train and the families you help them find!

If you have any questions about the transition please feel free to email me or call me on my cell at 818-679-7268.


April Lee
Family Horses Inc.


A Note from BLM:

Thanks to all of the trainers that have made April’s program so successful. BLM encourages you to continue your great contribution to the world of burros by applying to the Mustang Heritage Foundation. Sadly, our budget just can’t continue to support the overhead of two separate programs.  
The Mustang Heritage Foundation will be working with April to help make the transition smooth for everyone and looking to her for additional support in the future. So, we hope this is not the last we will see of April.

Thanks to all, and especially to April for a great job of finding all of YOU!!!


Debbie Collins
National Outreach and Marketing Specialist for Wild  Horse and Burro
Bureau of Land Management