Purchase A Burro

Under a December 2004 amendment to the 1971 wild horse law, wild horses and burros over 10 years old – as well as younger ones that have been passed over for adoption at least three times – are eligible for sale, a transaction in which ownership passes immediately from the Federal government to the buyer. Since that amendment took effect, the BLM has sold more than 5,800 wild horses and burros. (Note: It has been and remains the policy of the BLM not to sell or send any wild horses or burros to slaughter.) Proceeds from the sale of eligible animals are used for the BLM’s wild horse and burro adoption program, as directed by Congress under the sale-authority amendment.

Sale eligible burros are also eligible to be picked up by trainers and receive training as part of the Burro Incentive Program. Individuals who are looking to provide a long-term home for a BLM burro through this program should know that sale eligible burros can be adopted OR purchased. Purchasing the burro is not mandatory even if the burro is eligible.

The requirements to purchase a burro are different than the requirements to adopt. A purchase application must be submitted via fax or email to the BLM. Upon approval each individual can purchase up to four eligible animals per year. 

BLM Application to Purchase Wild Horses and Burros

For additional information or clarification about purchasing a BLM burro please contact the national office at 866-4MUSTANGS